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Management consoleKBA025How To Deal With The “Bad Shared Secret” Error With The Net Management ConsoleBAI, NSI
EquipmentsKBA032How To Correct the Check Point LEA Authenticated Mode Error: Connection To New Server Is currently Stopping.NSI
EquipmentsKBA036How Does Net Report Analyze Raptor Logs?NSI
InstallationKBA052What does the Do not execute SQL scripts now check box in the Configuration Wizard do?NSI
EquipmentsKBA055How do I do I Export Check Point Firewall-1 Log Files for Net Report?NSI
EquipmentsKBA056How do I do I Export Check Point Firewall-1 Log Files via Check Point SmartView Tracker (GUI) for Net Report?NSI
ConfigurationKBA065How do I Configure LDAP with Net Report?NSI
Management consoleKBA081How to Manage and Modify Dates in Net Report Management Console Filters?NSI
DatabaseKBA093How do I Reduce the Size of the Transaction Logs?NSI
EquipmentsKBA094For a computer running Windows 2003 Service Pack 1, how do I stop the NRWMIDelegate.exe process from growing in the memory and crashing the computer?NSI
EquipmentsKBA097How to configure Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and 2003 for Message Tracking with Net Report?NSI
Management consoleKBA098What are the Record object properties and the additional fields available for advanced treatment in Net Report?NSI
Management consoleKBA099How to Export and Import Net Report Filter(s) and/or Parser(s)?NSI
EquipmentsKBA104What are the Net Report Remote WMI Service Registry Entry Values?NSI
Management consoleKBA107How to Create a Double RDNS Net Area for Several Clients?NSI
EquipmentsKBA109Configuring the IronPort log format for treatment by Net ReportNSI
Alerting & Correlation consoleKBA112How to Activate the Net Report Alerting and Correlation Console on Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6?NSI
Management consoleKBA115What is Net Report’s Regular Expression Technical Formalism?NSI
Management consoleKBA116How to Work with Regular Expression in Net Report?NSI
ConfigurationKBA117How to Purge Data for a Custom Filter by Creating the Scheduled Task, Filter Fields, Rules and Actions?NSI
ConfigurationKBA120How to Configure External Authentication for Net Report Web PortalNSI
BuilderKBA123How to Create a Cube from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or 2005 Analysis Services OLE DB Provider?BAI
Administration managerKBA124How to backup DataSet Server Administrator?BAI
DatabaseKBA200How to connect NSI to a Remote SQL Server Database?NSI
Web PortalKBA201How to parameterize IIS on Windows 2008 for Click&DECiDEBAI
ConfigurationKBA202How to Configure DataSetReport Database SQL Server rightsBAI
Web PortalKBA203How to Install Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)BAI, NSI
Web PortalKBA204How to manage the Excel 2007/2010 file with the cube file received by Email for Click&DECiDE version 10.1.2 or greater?BAI, NSI
Web PortalKBA206How to fix Error Can’t instantiate object or Access is denied. (0x80070005)?BAI, NSI
Web PortalKBA207Error Sending e-Mail 80020009 Can’t connect to server?BAI, NSI
Web PortalKBA208How to fix the Error HTTP Error 503 – The Service is not availableBAI, NSI
KBA209Port Numbers used by Click&DECiDE ProgramsBAI, NSI
DatabaseKBA210How to solve the error 425 Not able to open data connection with the d7srvins FTP transfer?BAI
Administration manager, BuilderKBA211SQL Server Tables or Column Descriptions are not visibleBAI, NSI
Builder, Web PortalKBA212How to solve a problem for Click&DECiDE Cubes?BAI, NSI
MigrationKBA213How to install Click & DECiDE – NSI 10.1.2 over Net Report 4.40.3NSI
MigrationKBA214How to install Click & DECiDE – NSI 10.1.2 over Net Report 5.10.02NSI
MigrationKBA215How to install Click & DECiDE – BAI 10.1.2 or greater over DataSet Vision 5.x or DataSet Report 2009BAI
KBA216How to use fixed ports for WMI through firewalls for NSI WMI Centralized Server v10NSI
KBA217How to use a domain user account for NSI WMI Centralized Server v10NSI
DatabaseKBA218How to connect BAI to a Remote SQL Server Database?BAI
ConfigurationKBA219How to use a domain user account for Remote WMI agentNSI
InstallationKBA220How to update PDF Driver 4.50 on Click&DECiDE Desktop or WebServer under Windows 64-bits platforms
InstallationKBA221Installing a Click&DECiDE Enterprise or Professional Edition Version 10.x above a Click&DECiDE Standard or Express Edition Version 10.x
KBA222Comment valider la signature du code Click and DECiDE
Web PortalKBA223 FRComment personnaliser la bannière du Portail Web et le Titre de l’onglet dans le navigateur pour Click&DECiDE ?
Web PortalKBA223 ENGHow to customize the pictures and title in the Click&DECiDE Banner in the Web portal?
InstallationKBA225How to Backup and Restore NSI Configuration
Installation, MigrationKBA226How to manage Click&DECIDE beta version ?
ConfigurationKBA228How to Install MFiltro into NSI 10.210.2
ConfigurationKBA229How to Fix the Purge for WMI Monthly Tables for NSI 10.2NSI 10.2
Database, Data SourceKBA231Protocol Error Messages with SQL Server Express 2005 and Click and DECiDE
Configuration, Web PortalKBA232How to Install CnD WebParts into Sharepoint
Builder, VBScript – Alerts, Web PortalKBA233Alert not working with Click&DECiDE, how to solve Event Viewer Error Code 424 or 429?
Administration manager, Configuration, Web PortalKBA234How to manage the WebPortal Timeouts
Administration manager, Database, Scheduled Tasks, Web Menu, Web PortalKBA235How to Schedule a Task Exporting Data to a Database
Web PortalKBA236How to use an URL bigger than 255 characters with WebQuery and Excel
Installation, Web PortalKBA237How to Parameterize IIS on Windows 2003 R2 for ClicknDECiDE
Web PortalKBA238How to get characters with accents or Unicode characters inside Excel when using WebQuery
Web PortalKBA239How to use Click&DECiDE and I.E 10
Database, Data Source, Installation, Web PortalKBA240How to change the Port number for a Remote SQL Server DatabaseBAI, NSI
Installation, Web PortalKBA241How to Parameterize IIS 8 on Windows 2012 Server or Windows 8 PRO for ClicknDECiDE
Configuration, DatabaseKBA242How to connect to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 with ClicknDECiDE
Installation, MigrationKBA243How to install Click & DECiDE – NSI 11.1 over NSI 10.2NSI
Web PortalKBA244How to use Click&DECiDE and I.E 11 with Cube in HTML
iSeriesKBA249Click&DECiDE – Configuration Server iSeries
InstallationKBA251How to install and migrate to ClicknDECiDE BAI 2015 64-bit ?
Builder, Configuration, Database, Data SourceKBA255How to use the new Click&DECiDE Queries Multi Data Source? 2016 64-Bit

Comment utliser la source de données multi base de données avec ClicknDECiDE BAI 2016 64-bit ?

Builder, InstallationKBA257Installation silencieuse avec ClicknDECiDE BAI 32 ou 64-bit

3 choix:

-Contactez-nous pour une rapide démonstration

-Suivez la documentation ci-dessous:

Guide de prise en main rapide FR

Quick user guide ENG

-Suivez la vidéo ci-dessous étape par étape.

Formation Self-Service DASHBOARD


Avec Self-Service DATA:

  • Téléchargez Self-Service DATA (en cours)
  • Installez IIS afin de pouvoir utiliser le Portail Web. (voir doc)
  • Lancez le .exe téléchargé tout en suivant le setup user guide.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez besoin d’aide lors de l’installation.

Avec Self-Service DASHBOARD: