Bring sense to your data, it's easy, it's fun, it's self-service BI.

Pioneer of Business Intelligence with more than 30 years of experience, CLiCK'N DECiDE in a self-service BI process have created: 

SELF-SERVICE DATA: Allows you to access all your data and share it easily with your users. 

SELF-SERVICE DASHBOARD: Allows you to view your data in interactive dashboards in SaaS mode.

Log in Everywhere

SQL Server, MySQL, Excel, etc. 
Specialist in:


Create agile queries without any knowledge of SQL.
Link an Excel source with your database.

Dashboards in SAAS

It's simple, smart and interactive! 
100% secure, your data stays on your premises!

Bring sense to your data



Share all your data in one simple link

Create agile queries about your data sources and share them through simple protocols in all your applications.



Intuitively create smart dashboards for free in SaaS mode!

Create and share smart, interactive dashboards in total security. Your data and IDs never pass through the SaaS server.

They trust us


MAN, German manufacturer of industrial machines and vehicles and diesel engines and generators

"Among all the decision-making tools we were looking for the one that would allow us to use and capitalize the queries and infoset patiently developed in SAP for several years, out of the question of rebuilding a data warehouse from scratch." Once the connection between SAP and CLiCK'N DECiDE worked, the technical expertise of C&D allowed us to develop in a very intuitive and playful way the first dashboards and reports. Currently we have more than 20 dashboards that have greatly improved the readability of the data contained in SAP, this saves time for the management of KPIs and other monitoring and that in all the business of the company. A real success. »

Ronan CARIOU Business relationship manager at MAN Saint-Nazaire

They trust us


Hutchinson, world leader in anti-vibration systems, fluid management and sealing solutions

"The CLiCK'N DECiDE solution has allowed us to standardize our reporting tools and provide our users with a simple way to access their data." By making the users autonomous to carry out their queries and their own analyses, we have relieved the IT department of recurring tasks with no added value. »

Marc DUPERTHUIS, Fluid Management Systems, IT Manager