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BI for iSeries / AS400

Your pain points:

  • You are an iSeries / AS400 customer and are requested to provide intuitive and powerful analytics on iSeries / AS400 data
  • Your management wants a solution that provides real time analytics and ad hoc queries, reports, cubes,…
  • You are obviously looking for a solution to be responsive: but it should be plug & play, intuitive, and performing fast.

Your  day to day issues:

  • You have written and tested many queries/400 (iSeries), and don’t want to re-write and re-test them.
  • You want to set your KPIs and associated thresholds, for you to get only the relevant data.
  • The data reports you get today with your internal system don’t match what your management is asking for, and you don’t have the ability to generate ad hoc reports on demand.

How to solve all of them easily:

With Click&DECiDE BAI for iSeries, you can do all of the above…and more, through a plug & play solution.

Click&DECiDE BAI provides a native and direct access to iSeries Operating System, using a TCP/IP connection. All queries, reports, cubes and interactive dashboards can retrieve data in real time from any iSeries / AS400.

Top 5 Click&DECiDE standard functions dedicated to IBM iSeries customers:

1.Converting existing IBM iSeries – AS/400 queries. Select an AS/400 query and directly convert it to a graphic Click&DECiDEquery that can be completed with dialogue boxes to set variables and display a new presentation layer. Converted AS/400 queries can then be used via your web portal.

2.A sequence of queries can now be run via Click&DECiDEscript language (VBScript) in order to prepare data to a data warehouse or to a BI-application.

3.A new ”Run Command” function enables the user to run iSeries commands using Click&DECiDE’s script language launched via Windows Scheduler.

4.D7NOTIFY is a new function which converts an event on iSeries to an action on the PC-side. For example, a job which is ready on AS/400 can launch a report’s production and distribution to the users in the organization. It can also be used for an updated transaction on the AS/400 side to be sent directly via IP and HTTP to a server in order to launch a program or print a document over the Internet that contains the data of the transaction.

5.To replace Query 400, Click&DECiDEQueries can now be run as batch jobs (Run in Batch) and create a table of results on the (Store on Server) IBM iSeries server.