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Click&DECIDE News

  • September 2016


    New Data Source "Click&DECiDE Queries": allowing to make joins between several queries from different data sources! For example you can join a query made against an iSeries with another query made against SQL Server and another one made against an Excel sheet! This new data source manages a Cache system and other parameters to update automatically your data warehouse.

  • April 2016

    Smart office integration:Click&DECiDE reports and Dashboards can be directly integrated in your INFOR Smart Office.


    M3MI interface:By using the M3MI interface, Click&DECiDE is able to access to all M3MI programs and transactions such as MDBREADMI, and preserves the integrity and the security of the M3 data. To simplify the life of the end user, we have created some functions such as, automatic conversion of the packed date, time, and timestamp fields.



    iSeries:Click&DECiDE can access to the iSeries database with our own interface or by using ODBC. Click&DECiDE can also import all query/400. Video explaining how Click&DECiDE work with INFOR M3


    Video explaining how Click&DECiDE work with INFOR M3


  • January 2015

    New version: Click&DECiDE 2015 Enterprise Edition! (64-bit)

    A Fully 64 bits Integrated Business Intelligence Platform for the Enterprise.

  • September 2013

    New version: Click&DECiDE 2013 Enterprise Edition!

    A Fully Integrated Business Intelligence Platform for the Enterprise.

  • November 2012

    Introducing : Click&DECiDE Enterprise Edition V12.0!

    A Fully Integrated Business Intelligence Platform for the Enterprise.

    What’s New in Click&DECiDE V12.0?

    New Visualizations: now you can build your own Dashboards in minutes!

    • Click&DECiDE Web Portal supports Google Charts and enhances its capacity to let business people create great looking dashboards with no coding and help from IT.
    • The Web Portal can now be used on an iPad, iPhone and Android devices.
    • The Web Portal design supports Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and the touch user interfaces.
    • Multiple visualizations on a single page, Multiple sets of data from different data sources on a Dashboard. 

    Ipad vue of Click&DECiDE Web Portal DashBoard

    Big Data!    

    Click&DECiDE manages company’s large volumes of complex data efficiently:

    • SAP BW (Bex Queries, QuerySQ01, ABAP Modules),
    • IBM iSeries & DB2,
    • Oracle,
    • Microsoft SQL-Server,
    • Teradata V14.

    No coding required!

    • Everybody can Automate BI Processes and Distribution Services.
    • Dynamic Recipient List can be subscribed to multiple personalized reports in combination with Users and Group of Users.  
    • A scheduled task can now be run through a Menu item.
    • A new alert is now available: "Run and send by e-mail a Click and Decide Item" in one step.
    • Click&DECiDE Builder can now send alerts from a query or a cube and not only from a report.

  • May 2012

    Webinar Click&DECiDE each Thursday from 14 - 15 PM

    The BI Solution with self service for SAP or iSeries

    • Thursday Mai 24 SAP
    • Thursday Mai 31 SAP
    • Thursday June 7 iSeries
    • Thursday June 14 SAP
    • Thursday June 21 GDEdwards
    • Thursday June 28 SAP
    • Thursday July 5 iSeries
    • Thursday July 12 SAP
    • Thursday July 19 GDEdwards
    • Thursday July 26 SAP

    Attend a presentation session proposed by Click&DECiDE.

  • November 2011


  • October 2011

    To mark the release of version 11 of its lead product BAI, Click&DECiDE

  • October 2010

    Click&DECiDE, the Versatile BI Specialist, Provides Business Intelligence software to NETASQ, through a strategic OEM agreement

  • September 2010
    logo Qosmos Click&DECiDE integrates with Qosmos to analyze network intelligence and security data. Complementary solutions combine to provide unprecedented, real-time visibility into actionable network data, empowering value-added applications for network performance, security and monetizing services.