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Microsoft Partner Silver Business Intelligence

Click&DECiDE is the only Business Intelligence solution for all enterprise data: structured data from your business critical applications, as well as semi-structured data from your enterprise IT. To take factual and quick decisions, you need both: Click&DECiDE processes data real time, and brings the relevant intelligence to your finger tips. It’s easy, fast, and does not require PS.

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INFOR Smart Office

Smart office integration:Click&DECiDE reports and Dashboards can be directly integrated in your INFOR Smart Office.

M3MI interface:By using the M3MI interface, Click&DECiDE is able to access to all M3MI programs and transactions such as MDBREADMI, and preserves the integrity and the security of the M3 data. To simplify the life of the end user, we have created some functions such as, automatic conversion of the packed date, time, and timestamp fields.

iSeries:Click&DECiDE can access to the iSeries database with our own interface or by using ODBC. Click&DECiDE can also import all query/400.